Challenge -about books

Got this challenge from Andreas F, who got it from Mathias. Thanks, I love this (books, challenges -a perfect combination)!

How many books do you own?
Quite a few, actually. I love books! I really don’t know how many… Most of them are packed down in a storage, waiting for us to move again… My guess (with a little help from my husband) is something around 400, since we have about 65 here and these are only a part of them.

What book is your latest purchase?
”The Last Battle” by C. S. Lewis

What book have you most recently read?
”Stulna döttrar” by Malika Kaddour and Doris Elzinga

Name five books with great impact on you (that you’ve read three times or more)
• The Bible -without a doubt my first choice
• ”What’s so amazing about grace?” by Philip Yancey
• ”Kärleken jag längtar efter” by John Ortberg
• ”Rikets affärer” by J. Gunnar Olson (I’ve read it only twice, but anyway…)
• ”Living on the Devil’s Doorstep” by Floyd McClung (I was 15 and God spoke through it in a way I’ll never forget -I had forgotten about the name of the book though… I had to look it up).

Who do you challenge to answer these same questions?
The first one would have been my brother, Tobias, but Andreas picked him already… 😉 But I challenge Jenny Wilkman, Oskar Kohonen and Elvira Åsmus.