Buona sera!

I have to choose between writing in English or to write a and o instead of… you know. So… English it is. 🙂

I love Italy!!! I loved Italy already when I looked down from the plane..! Wow! It’s awesome!!! Rome is beautiful, exciting, busy and sunny… The People we’ve met so far are truely wonderful! Alessandra takes so good care of us, Elisabetta is the perfect guide and our family (Anna & Adelfo and their daughter Marta) the perfect host. God is good!

People here keep telling me I’m Italian (I look like them and behave like them…), that the only thing I have to do is learn the language. I actually feel very much at home here, would be great to stay for a while… But Monday I’m off to Prague. 🙂

Just a quick note to let you know I’m lovin’ it… I’ll try to write more another day. Arrivederci!