In Prague

Hi! I’m still alive and well… It’s a bit hard to get a chance to sit at a computer with internet, so now when I can I’ll take the opportunity to write a little. I’m being charged by the minute though, so I won’t be long! 🙂

So, I’ve left Rome and now I’m in Prague. Feels a bit weird being here without a team… (…feels like I forgot you guys somewhere!) It’s a bit special to see Prague without having to do anything.
It’s raining right now and I can also hear a bit of a thunder… So it’s nice to be able to sit inside for a while. I’ve been here for two days and I’ve had a good time with the Makovicka family. They live all over Prague now; Miriam and Alicka live in the nicest area of Prague (where only rich people live), Veronika and Jirka live a little further away and their parents, Dobroslav and Alicka, live in a small town -20 minutes from Prague- called Sleny. Miri and I stayed in Sleny with Dobby and Alicka the first night I was here, but now I’m staying with Miri and Ali at their place. To night we are going to the youth meeting -Miri is the leader of it. It’ll be good. 🙂

Be blessed.