Hillsong Pastor visiting Helsinki!

Hillsong people -Lucy and Ian Fisher- visiting Helsinki October 19 & 20!

Friday 19.10 , 7 pm Concert at Filadelfia, Albertsgatan 31, Helsinki. The opening of Youth Conferece ”Action”. Lucy, Ian with singers and musicians from Helsinki, teaching/preaching by Ian.

Saturday 20.10, 2-4.30 pm Seminar for Worship Leaders and Worship Teams at Andreaskyrkan, Högbergsgatan 22, Helsinki. Ian & Lucy.

Saturday 20.10, 7 pm Evening Meeting at Andreaskyrkan, Högbergsgatan 22, Helsinki. Ian & Lucy with team.

All the teaching will be in English. No registration for the seminar required, no entrance fee. Be prepared to give in the offering instead! A Love Offering (that goes to 1st Place Ministries) will be collected at the Concert and at the Evening Meeting. We will also take an offering at the Seminar and the Evening Meeting to cover the expences.

Join us and be inspired! These people have over 20 years of experience and have been trained and been working at one of the worlds most known churches! Don’t miss out!


Here are some more information about Ian and Lucy Fisher:

”Lucy and Ian Fisher have been attending and serving at Hillsong since they got saved in 1984. Ian and Lucy are both anointed ministers of the Gospel as well as gifted musicians in their own right. Both have had extensive experience in ministering specifically to worship teams as well as church leaders in general.

Ian attended Bible College at Hillsong Church in 1989-90 and became a Lay Pastor in 1992. In 1999 Ian became Pastor on staff for the Worship Team under Pastor Darlene Zschech. Ian is also a skilled bassist and He has played bass for the Worship team since that time being involved in all projects, such as Hillsong Conference, Worship Albums, Youth Alive and other in-house projects. He also wrote a book, ”Let me encourage you”. He is a trusted man at Hillsong, highly respected and loved.

Lucy Fisher is a Worship Leader, singer, songteacher, musician and a prophet. (She is the red headed lady you always see in Hillsong music-dvds… 🙂 ). This woman is amazing! Also trusted and loved, as her husband. She is sharp and spot on when she delivers a message and prophetic in her worship and teaching..!

You can read more about them at 1st Place Ministries. ”

If you have questions –write me!
Please spread this information! 21.10 Ian and Lucy will be in Tammisaari. If you know someone that can’t come to Helsinki but could come to Tammisaari -let me know and I’ll send you information about that.