Don’t worry… I’m alive

I can’t believe it’s been this long since I wrote anything here..! Well… I’ll get a grip. Soon. I’ll start with this short update. 🙂

A lot of things have been going on with us this year: I was sick and had a surgery, didn’t work a lot and that gave me a lot of time to spend at home with the kids (been able to be there for them when they get home from school, which has been lovely!) and we (although we really didn’t think we would) bought a house in Ă–sterbotten (almost 500 km from here)! That’s the big picture, if I try to sum up January-May… 🙂

The Summer was fantastic! Me and the Kids spent most of it in Ă–sterbotten; six weeks at mom’s and dad’s summer house (it’s called Tallskat and is located at Replot, by the sea), one week at Summer Bible School (which was awesome!!!) and one week (or 10 days) at our house (for the first time since we bought it). Andreas spent three weeks and the weekends with us. It is a privilege being able to be off from work (without pay, but anyway) the whole summer to spend it with the kids! It wasn’t easy being away from Andreas all that time, though…

I loved spending time at the summer house, more than ever..! My cousines, on dad’s side, spent a few weeks there too (in the house next to mom’s and dad’s) and we got to hang out (just like we used to when we were kids). I had such a good time re-connecting with them (I don’t see them a whole lot since they live in Sweden)! And now I miss them a lot. <3

Our new house is wonderful and I fell in love with it even more when we got to spend some time there… It’s a traditional old wooden house (from 1850) with a big garden… The kitchen is enormous! We’ll have room for a lot of guests! Just the way I like it! 🙂 We haven’t decided on when we’ll move, exactly… but… we’ll at least do it before christmas, so… pretty soon.

The kids are back in school, since three weeks, and Elin spent last week at ”Camp School” (”lägerskola” in Swedish) and she had the best time! Every second day I realize how ”grown up” our kids are now… We -me and my hubby- can do stuff together without having to ask somebody to babysit… Like last saturday when we went to a wedding all by ourselves… no kids… no babysitter… weird… but, oh, so good. <3

There is so much I could tell you all… but you know how it is; not possible to do all that at once. I’ll get back to you. 🙂

Oh… yes… btw: a friend bought me new shoes! And, yes, they are green..! And, yes, they are of my favourite brand (el naturalista)..! I couldn’t believe it..! I’ve been wanting to buy these for a year..! 🙂 My friend went in to a store and there was a sale (and it was a big sale)… and they had ”my” brand, my colour and my size (which is the most common one and never one to find at sales)!!! 🙂 Thank you, sis! And thank you, God! 🙂 Once again God has proven to me that he cares about silly things like ”the right brand and colour of shoes” because he cares about ME..!

Blessings to all of you! See you soon!